Inclusive education training for teachers and students of the business and service sector faculty in framework of International EU Erasmus+ project realization

In framework of International Project «Digitalization of economic as an element of sustainable development of Ukraine and Tajikistan / DigEco 618270-EPP-1-2020-1-LT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP» realization, by support of EU Erasmus+, teachers and students of the Business and Service Sector Faculty from 28th of January until 14th of February 2022 took part in several trainings and webinars.

On 28-29 of January 2022 Inclusive Education Training of DigEco Project was organized by Associated Project Partner – “Vinnytsia City Organization “Parostok” represented by the head of this organization Iryna Sarancha. About 100 participants from universities in Ukraine and Tajikistan joined these seminars. Iryna Sarancha and Olena Omelchenko presented an analysis of modern tools and approaches, mobile applications that are used in modern Inclusive Education. During the training, all participants were obtaining practical skills of modern Inclusive Education, working in different Zoom rooms, shared experience of teaching for students with disabilities and discussed the motivation of such students. According to the results of the training, the following participating teachers received certificates: Andrii Morozov, Halyna Tarasiuk, Kateryna Shymanska, Lyudmyla Chyzhevska, Yuliya Bogoyavlenska, Svitlana Obikhod, Vitalii Bondarchuk, Tetiana Zavalii, Olena Vyhovska, Iryna Lytvynchuk, Mariya Aleksandrova, Artur Makhno, Nina Kyrylenko and others.

On 8 of February 2022 web-based training about digitization of DigEco courses was held by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine will help the DigEco Project to build the capacity of higher education in general and to involve a wide range of potential target groups for studying the digitalization of the economy. Participants in this training were: Andrii Morozov, Halyna Tarasiuk, Kateryna Shymanska, Tetiana Ostapchuk, Yuliya Bogoyavlenska, Vitalii Bondarchuk, Tetiana Zavalii, Kateryna Orlova, Natalia Vyhovska, Oksana Novak.

On 14 of February 2022 it was organized a training on business psychology for the project participants, by DigEco Project Partner HEI – Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University. This training was also supported by the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine. The training was conducted by the world-class trainer-consultant Jan Zusman, a specialist of the International Training Center named after Golda Meir (Israel). The main topic of the training was “Psychological portrait of a businessman”. The training main issues were: psychological natural characteristics of a businessman and their development during a lifetime, types of businessmen and their characteristics, psychological portrait of a businessman, dependence of business success on psychology, the impact of money on business success, what does mean success in business and others. The participants of such training were teachers: Halyna Tarasiuk, Yuliya Bogoyavlenska, Iryna Tsaruk and students Leyla Petruk and Inga Pigasova.

Acquired skills and improved knowledge teachers will implement in the pilot training of several Masters Programs: “Management”, “Economics”, “Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities”, “Finance, banking and insurance” in accordance with «Digitalization of economic as an element of sustainable development of Ukraine and Tajikistan/ DigEco» Project Objectives, using a new learning environment.